Geography and climate


Chile has a privileged climate and a unique geography that together provide excellent conditions for growing grapes in a highly natural environment.

Chile is a long and narrow country, with a territory covering over 4000 km. Its boundaries are determined by the Pacific Ocean on the west, the Andes, with its mountains over 5000 meters high, in the east, Patagonia and the fjords in the far south and the Atacama Desert, one of the world’s driest climates in the north. This particular geographic location determines a favorable climate for agriculture , particularly for growing grapes.


The climate is temperate warm with regime Mediterranean rainfall , highly influenced by the proximity of the Andes and the Pacific anticyclone . A prolonged dry summer, high solar radiation and remarkable thermal amplitude are three characteristics of the Chilean climate that allow planting grapevines between 30º and 36º south latitude .

The temperature range is mainly due to very low minimum temperatures in mature period : between 8 ° C on the coast and 14º C in the interior. The lack of rain in summer and early autumn also ensures very favorable sanitary conditions, with very low risk of Botrytis ( gray mold ) and almost nonexistent mildew.

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